Three freight cars...


I've found some photos online, and I'm wondering if anyone might be able
to provide some further details or information on these cars so as to
allow models to be made?

1. Kansas City, Kaw Valley reefer #208

I found two photos of Kaw Valley refrigerators from the Don Ross
collection. The one I would like to model is number 208. What the picture
shows is a truss-rod reefer with light coloured sides (yellow? white?),
darker coloured (red of some sort, I'd guess) kickboards, end and (I
think!) roof; the underframe and the arch bar trucks are also a darker
colour, but I can't tell if it would've been red or black. The lettering
seems darker than the end, so I'd guess it is black, apart from the
lighter-coloured (red?) "Kaw Valley Line" herald above the "VENTILATED
REFRIGERATOR SERVICE" inscription to the right of the door; to the left is
"KAW VALLEY REFRIGERATOR EXPRESS" on two lines over the road number. No
data is on the sides, but the photo of car #209, which looks fairly
similar (apart from the presence of ladder and grabs on the end, which 208
lacks), is marked CAPY 40000, but I can't make the rest out in the photo.

2. Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee flat #1613

Another photo I found is of a long flat car (60'?) of the North Shore
Line. It has some funky braces on the side to I guess secure the load; in
the photo it is three North Shore Line-lettered short truck trailers. Any
dimensional information and colour information (my guess is black) would
be of great interest.

3. Bamberger 50' boxcar #800

Does anybody know what colour this was?

Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC

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