Re: Adding weight to a stock car

Spen Kellogg <spenkell@...>

Mike Brock wrote:
Flat black? Have you studied the...uh....floor colors of these cars? Wouldn't you be better off coming up with a...uh...chip color [ somewhat akin to "buffalo chips" that were used supposedly long ago in the west for camp fires ] from...uh...cattle to compare to? The question would depend, I suppose, on the type of cattle. Hereford Brown perhaps? Angus Dark Brown or maybe Long Horn Greenish Brown? Obviously, I'm not much on cattle but might not the color of "chips" depend upon the food source? I cannot imagine how one might come up with the "correct" color without a "chip" to match. Hmmm. Wonder where one might obtain such "chips" from the steam era?

Haven't you modeled those chips on the federal grazing land alongside your track work climbing up and over Sherman Hill? <VBG> What color are those "chips?"

Regards, Spen Kellogg

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