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I'm asking as last night I was looking at a Sanborn map and there was a
Standard Brands facility shown (Oakland CA) that I know is standing today --
it makes Yeast. An interesting collection of tanks, pipes, and 1920's
California stucco architecture. The map suggests rail receipt of molasses,
perhaps rail shipments of dry yeast (but it could have all been done locally
by trucks), and large wooden vinegar vats. Input or output of the process? I
dunno. Either way, how did they move such a large volume of vinegar?

DSave Nelson

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When did wooden vinegar cars become obsolete and what
kind of tank car replaced them?
Reinhart Vinegar in Stayner, Ontario was still shipping vinegar in a
wooden car in the early 1970s. The CNR guys called their car the
"vinegar jug".

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