Southern Pacific 800-Series Freights.

Shawn Beckert

Paul Catapano asked:

Can anyone tell me what train 833/834 was?
These were eastward and westward freights between
LA and Yuma (and maybe further east,such as Tucson).
Paul, and Tony,

I did some serious digging in the timetable collection
last night. In addition to confirming that 833/834 were
indeed Coast Line (Ventura Subdivision) freights, I
discovered that the LA-Yuma trains that Tony mentioned
are actually in a lower number series. They are 814, 816
818 and 820, and are eastbound only, Indio to Yuma. My
reference is Los Angeles Division Timetable #203, 1-9-55.

Hope this helps,

Shawn Beckert

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