Re: Chips

Frank Greene

Wow! What's this the 3rd or 4th color discussion we've had in a week? Or, does it only seem that way? LOL

"Mike Brock" brockm@... mb8444 wrote:
Wouldn't it be better to match to a chip in the area
of actual use? To add to that, chip colors have probably changed over the
yrs due to changes in grass types and....well...there must be SOME reason
but I'm not sure if the color of such chips might change over time.

...I've tried to determine the colors from photos from the '50's but
one should never trust to film with its color shifts, etc.
Now that analope and antelope have been discounted from the equation, we only have color to decide (although, I'm sure that Larry J. will be quick to tell us it can't be duplicated, only imitated). Therefore, Mike B, at CCB 2009, how about a stock special test train, the cars randomly placed with floors the suggested colors (i.e., different geographic origins, seasons, "freshness", eras, etc.). It will be necessary to designate it a "test" to rationalize the unprotypical mixed eras and traffic orgins, of course. An exclusive panel of self-acclaimed male bovine manure artistes will be allowed the opportunity to determine the geographical and generational origin of the shipment. Could there possibly be a better way to determine accurate chip color?

I've always wanted an opportunity to attend the CCB meet and that might tip the balance. <grin>

Frank Greene
Memphis, TN

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