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Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Frank Greene says:

Mike B, at CCB 2009, how about a stock special test train, the cars
randomly placed with floors the suggested colors (i.e., different
geographic origins, seasons, "freshness", eras, etc.). It will be
necessary to designate it a "test" to rationalize the unprotypical mixed
eras and traffic orgins, of course.
Wellll, of course I have some UP stock cars and some of other RR's as well. All of the cars will, naturally, be from 1953 but I can arrange for some of the cattle to be from Nebraska or Kansas [ did they have cattle there? ] and...OHMYGOSH. What about sheep? Geeez. What color would their chips be?

An exclusive panel of
self-acclaimed male bovine manure artistes...."
There should be NO problem with finding very qualified "bovine manure" artistes in the crowd at Cocoa Beach. In fact, it will be a rare moment when...and were to find someone who did NOT qualify.

"....will be allowed the
opportunity to determine the geographical and generational origin of the
shipment. Could there possibly be a better way to determine accurate
chip color?
Not that I'm aware of. Certainly there could not be a better way to determine the floor color than from this study of such color chips. I'm reasonably sure that we are breaking new ground with this and I'm equally certain that several manufacturers will be monitoring breathlessly the results of this study. Curiously, at least some of the manufacturer representatives will NOT be among those NOT qualified as "bovine manure" gurus.

I've always wanted an opportunity to attend the CCB meet and that might
tip the balance. <grin>
One would certainly expect you to be here. As for myself...

Mike Brock

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