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boyds1949 <E27ca@...>

I grew up forking and shoveling "chips". But there is no way on
earth I am getting into another color discussion!!!

I once saw a UP stock car which had come into Germantown Md on the
B&O with a load of sheep from Cheyenne Wyoming. Wonder what
sheep "chips" looked like? The bill included a separate charge for
cleaning and disinfecting the car.

John King

--- In STMFC@..., "Mike Brock" <brockm@...> wrote:

Laramie Larry...who apparently knows about such things...writes:

"Mike, antelope doo-doo looks nothing like cattle chips. I live at
foot of Sherman Hill and would be happy send you samples of both -
photos, if that would smell better."

Actually, I would prefer that you send the real things rather than
photos to
Tom Madden...he being closer than me...although, now that I think
about it,
perhaps it might be more appropriate to send them to those who are
determined to use color chips in their pursuit of "accurate" paint
from chips. Fortunately, as I've long ago indicated, I don't pay
attention to chips. Those preferring to use chips would likely
frown at
photos anyhow, since they corrupt the actual images quite a bit. I
come up with a list of those likely interested, I suppose, by
recent messages on the STMFC by those who would prefer chips. I'm
that such a generous move on your part would be greeted by great
joy and
thanks by those believing in the value and superiority of chips to
color. Myself? I'll probably just rock along...guessing about the
color as usual.

Mike Brock

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