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I'm not quite sure of the street location where I saw the car (and don't have a map handy), but I can
give you the general area. There is/was an SP yard just east of and parallel to the #17 freeway. It would
have been roughly a mile north of the Fruitvale bridge between Oakland and Alameda. Does that sound like
the same general area?

I don't know if there are currently any kits for these cars. However, Ambroid used to offer a wooden kit,
and maybe Gloor Craft still does. Knowing how often their kits actually were built, you could probably
find one on the used market. There was also an article on how to build one of these in MR sometime during
the 1950s (possibly a "Dollar Car"). IIRC, it was reprinted in the 1970s in the Kalmbach book on easy
freight car projects which I still have. If you can't find this article, let me know and I can send you a
copy. I also have a pretty good 3/4 photo of a similar car preserved at the Orange Empire Railway museum
which I can scan for you. Good end detail.

Kind regards,

Garth G. Groff

Dave & Libby Nelson wrote:

Thanks Garth. All I need to hear. The Standards Brand plant is at 98th Ave
at San Leandro street -- the end of the long Kohler siding jointly served by
the SP and WP. Perhaps that car you saw was routed to/from that plant.

Raises a different question: are there any nice HO scale models of such cars,
suitable for 1950?

Dave Nelson

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Tom and Dave,

I spotted a wooden vinegar tank on the SP at Oakland, California,
around 1975. No picture, sorry. I was
zooming by on the #17 freeway.

Kind regards,

Garth G. Groff

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