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Dave Mueller writes:

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One rather odity is a photo in Turbines
Westward showing a turbine switching the Hermosa pen.
Anyone found that pic yet ?? If so what page ??"

Dave, first, please sign your important rule of the STMFC. I had to search to find out who wrote you were.

Now, in response to your 169. Unfortunately, this is a second edition supplement which I procured separate from the original book [ no idea how I got it ]. The photo shows engine 56 with about 20 stock cars either pushing them into a siding at Hermosa or pulling them out in 1955. This photo might also be in Wolff's Turbine Era book [ I'll check later ]. Regretfully, this photo leads to more questions than it answers. The pen at Hermosa had a "capacity for immediate loading" of only 12 animals [ in 1946 ]. The photo appears to show possibly 2 stock cars down at the pen [ maybe ]. It is possible, then, that the train is picking up these 2 cars and putting them adjacent to stock cars on the head in. The train is headed east. That doesn't necessarily mean that the cars are loaded or MT but the live stock despatch trains would have been going west. Anyhow, if you have access to this photo, you might consider putting on a coat. Temp that November 2 day was -8� according to the caption...and it looks like it. Incidentally, #56 is a straight sided single unit tender.

Mike Brock

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