Re: New Haven Boxcars

Richard Hendrickson

Somewhere I read that, prior to WWII, the New Haven's boxcars were
all 36-footers. But on page 24 of "An American Journey" (see for info about the book) is a photograph
dated in the middle 1930s which includes New Haven boxcar # 71485 in
the background.
I can't read the data, but it looks like a 40-footer to me. Does
anyone have an equipment register handy?
That would have been a 36' car in the 71000-71999 series. And it is true
that the New Haven got its first 40'6" box cars in 1941 with the delivery
of some AAR 1937 standard steel box cars.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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