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Hi Bill,

That approach is what I will eventually adopt if I haven't figured out a way to model the sheave etc system I see in photos. I'm a little busy with some other projects about to get started, so that will be on the backburner for a while!


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Rob Kirkham wrote:
Hi Frank,

Mine went together very easily. I've built a Sylvan version, Kaslo version
and a Funaro and Camerlengo version. To be frank, now that they are built,
I can't tell which is which any more!

If you develop any specific questions fire away. I was just finishing these
around Christmas. The one trick is if you want K brakes instead of AB - in
which case you will be where I am - still trying to figure it out!
Not that big a deal for a quick and dirty job. Start with a Tichy 3005
KC brake set.

Drop the Air Reservoir and triple valve. Do not install the unneeded
piping. Replace the A/B brake cylinder with the Tichy KC. This will
require a minor change to the piping.

Brake rigging can stay the same.

You will need to replace Brake wheel with a vertical Staff. The Tichy
set has what you need.

There is probably more to it than that but it will do as a stand-in.

Bill Dixon

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