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Here's some railroads that had some cabooses with the upcoming TMW caboose truck:

AC&Y, Alton, Ann Arbor, AT&SF, B&M, Belt Railway of Chicago, C&O, C&EI, CGW, C&IM, CNW, Clinchfield, DM&IR, D&RGW, GBW, GM&O, GN, KO&G, L&N, LNE, MP, M&St.L, NH, NKP, NYC, NP, Norfolk Southern (original), N&W, NYS&W, Pere Marquette, PH&D, P&WV, SAL, SP&S, SP, TN&O, TRRA, Virginian, and Wabash.

Glad you asked,

Brian Leppert
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The only railroads I've found that used this version were PRR, who
replaced the original trucks on a few cabins, and Great Northern,<
I must have ordered them before you had even announced yours then. I do
know it's been a long time and at the time there was some discussion about

The 30 ton version, which Richard mentioned, will be available in HO from
Tahoe Model Works in a couple of weeks<
Richard's email came to me with just my comments and none of his. So
who used the 30 ton versions?

And last I guess I should sell my Atlas trucks, anyone need them?

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