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This Property is Condemned was released on video this past summer, and I bought one for about $10.? Worth seeing, and it tells a realistic tale of a railroad beancounter evaluating yards and roundhouses for closure.

I haven't seen it in a while, but the locomotive is Reader 2-8-0 1702 in changing appearances. The freight cars are about right for the late '50s early 1960s with running boards. Steam era cars are on sidings and in yards.

Worth seeing.

Mike Del Vecchio

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Here's another movie to warm the hearts of steam era freight car
fans... "The Ladykillers". Ok, the freight cars are British, but
play an important part in this movie and there are some interesting
cargo ideas too.

Tim O'
I personally like some of the scenes in "This Property is Condemned"--
lots of early sixties 40' boxcars in Mississippi where it was filmed on
location. It's not as bad as the 50' PS1's in "Bound for Glory" which
is supposedly set in the early 1930s.

IMHO Robert Redford and Natalie Wood are just in the way... gimme more
freight cars. It has been a while since Turner Classic or The Movie
Channel has run this one.

Jim Ogden
Fort Worth, Texas

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