Re: GT Dominion boxcar drawings etc

Steve Lucas <stevelucas3@...>


The publication was Railmodel, out of Toronto. I have the issue that
you are looking for, and will try to scan and send the drawings.

Steve Lucas.

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Hey thanks for the tip Frank - I get by there all the time so will
have a
look myself!

I wonder if anyone on this list can tell me roughly what the
history of the
magazine was - owner, target audience, etc. I'm also wondering
getting permission to copy the drawings, etc.

Rob Kirkham
Subject: Re: [STMFC] GT Dominion boxcar drawings etc


I think I saw some Railroad Modellers at Central Hobbies in
Vancouver the
other day; if you want I can take a look and see if they have
this one,
next time I'm by.

Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC

I wonder if anyone on the list might happen to know where a copy
of the
October 1970 issue of Railroad Modeller could be located?
According to
Westerfield's Fowler kit instructions, it apparently contains
for the GT Dominion box cars which I am looking for.
Unfortunately, the
drawing isn't listed in the MR Magazine Index and the issue is
not for
at Railpub.

I'd be happy with access to any other source for drawings of
these (and
other) Canadian National and Canadian Pacific Dominion cars. (I
of the documents on the CPHA site (CPR cars) and from CC&F (CNR
series - like the lovely Speedwitch models). So far, the rest
of the
variations are pretty elusive.

Rob Kirkham

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