Re: Illinios Central Furfural cars


Mark -

Furfural (furanal or furan aldehyde) is a liquid product extracted from
corn cobs. What was in the covered hoppers was the corn cobs
themselves, not the liquid furfural. These were ground up by Quaker
Oats and the furanal was extracted from the mix. In those days, in
addition to making furan-based plastics, it was also used for a binder
in green sand castings. The cars probably looked like "roofed hoppers"
(type HTR) and not true covered hoppers (LO). Just guessing - my
ORER's are at home!

A.T. Kott

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In 1950 & 1951 the IC converted three triple bay coal hoppers from
series 81000-81744 to covered hoppers numbered 81750-81752 for
of furfural (in this case, finely ground corn cobs probably used for
making plastics). The diagram sheet for these cars shows about a two
foot extension added to the sides and tapered steel roof without
hatches. A side door about 2'high x 3'wide was located near the top
center of the side for loading. The cars were marked for loading at
Quaker Oats Co. Cedar Rapids, IA. Supposedly, there is a builders
photo of these cars out there somewhere. Does anyone know of a source
for this or other photos of these cars? Needed for modeling and
decals. Thank you Mark

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