Re: Illinios Central Furfural cars

Ray Breyer

proto48er <atkott@...> wrote:
>>The cars probably looked like "roofed hoppers"
(type HTR) and not true covered hoppers (LO).
>>Just guessing - my ORER's are at home!
>>A.T. Kott

Hi A.T.,

I'm having a devil of a time tracking these cars down. The furfural cars are showing up in both the 1951 and 1954 IC freight car diagram books, but they're listed as originally being cars 713000-713749, built in 1929. The only cars listed as having had those numbers at one time are three bay offset side hoppers 81000-81744.

Now I "know" that no offset side triples were made in 1929. I also do know that the IC stretched some of their offset side twins into offset side triples in the 1940s and 1950s (there's on in the museum in Monticello; you can see the splices!). No car diagram for any of these cars references a 1929 build date and a REbuild date. The earliest date that I have for an IC twin offset hopper is 1939.

So what's going on? Were these cars some type of ribbed twin that the IC converted to offset sides, and then later stretched into triples? Or is the IC information bogus?

Ray Breyer

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