Pre-1926 AAR Auto Box Standard


Does anyone have a CBC type drawing for the "standard auto box car" post-USRA and pre-Dec 1926 AAR standard 40 and 50-ton, and 40 and 50-ft, and 10 or 12 ft door automobile steel underframe, double-sheathed box cars? I'm trying to determine if the 2000 C&O 82000-82999 and HV 34000-34999 (later C&O 83000-83999) series 40' 6" 40-ton auto box cars blt in 1924-1925 were built to an AMC 1-CAB specification alone or were adapted from a proposed AAR standard design and the old clearance plate forcing a 8.5 ft inside height and width.

The Roaring Twenties brought a lot of changes to the auto industry . . . . and resultantly, to box car designs also.

Any help is appreciated,

Al Kresse
Romeo, Michigan

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