Thank you Ben Home & Greg Martin re:FGE/WFE/BRE

lnbill <bwelch@...>

I just had an opportunity to view the PRRTHS website to see what
that society along with the SAL/ACL and B&O did with my 50 + page
handout on the woodsheathed cars owned and operated by FGE, WFE, and
BRE. Wow, if I can say that and remain humble. Ben Home and Greg
Martin, thank you for your vision and care in the way you treated my

I thought I should do it here so that people could see how much I
appreciated what you did.

I am off next week to Saint Paul for more reserch through WFE files
and today received two DHL boxes of photocopies from the CorG files
in Savannah with more FGE company paperwork. I still want to find
the July 1950 and 1954 issues of the "Teamwork" the FGE/WFE/BRE
employee magazine and continue to look for BRE company records, but
having said that, through the generouslity and help of so many I am
well along on having the materials needed to write the book. At
least people will have something to guide their modeling thanks to
Ben and Greg.


Bill Welch

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