Re: Perishable LCL?

Larry Jackman <Ljack70117@...>

In the freight houses I worked in or around were not equipped to handle Perishable.
I worked in a produce house that served these small shops and we received carloads and sent out less than a truck load to these small stores. I think any wholesale warehouse would be able to handle carloads and sell to the small stores as the produce house I worked in did. In fact we were a wholesale produce house.
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On Feb 14, 2008, at 6:47 PM, Aley, Jeff A wrote:

Was there such a thing as perishable LCL (e.g. in reefers)? Suppose the
local wholesale grocer didn't need an entire carload of cantaloupes.
Would less-than-carload lots come in by truck?



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