Re: Perishable LCL?

Richard Townsend

I think the way it worked (and maybe still does, but without the railroads being involved) is that various dealers would get carlot shipments of various fruits and vegetables.? There would be several dealers located at the same area, such as the Wazee Market on the D&RGW?in Denver.? Samples would be put on display.? Buyers would come to the market?from restaurants, supermarkets, etc. and negotiate for hiowever much of the various items they wanted, then take them with them or have them delivered.? Each dealer might not have everything, and and might not have the same things from day to day.? It depended on what kinds of deals they could get and what they thought the demand would be.?

Richard Townsend
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Thanks for the insight. Wow, that means that the wholesale
grocer must get a LOT of cars since fruits and vegetables are
perishable. If we assume that green vegetables can last up to a week at
the warehouse, then each week, you have to have one carload of each kind
of vegetable: a car of lettuce, a car of bananas, a car of spinach, a
car of cantaloupes, a car of strawberries, a car of celery, a car of
broccoli, etc, etc...

No wonder people ate so many canned vegetables back then!




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In the freight houses I worked in or around were not equipped to
handle Perishable.
I worked in a produce house that served these small shops and we
received carloads and sent out less than a truck load to these small
stores. I think any wholesale warehouse would be able to handle
carloads and sell to the small stores as the produce house I worked
in did. In fact we were a wholesale produce house.
Thank you
Larry Jackman
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I have most of it left.

On Feb 14, 2008, at 6:47 PM, Aley, Jeff A wrote:

Was there such a thing as perishable LCL (e.g. in reefers)?
Suppose the
local wholesale grocer didn't need an entire carload of cantaloupes.
Would less-than-carload lots come in by truck?



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