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Tony- I will have to look at that book you made a vailed reference
to when I get home this evening.
Gene Deimling
El Dorado Hills, CA
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Gene Deimling wrote:
I was looking through my kits and found two different styles of
for the O scale AAR 1937 boxcar kit from Intermountain. One kit
identified as having "shiplap" side plates and the rest
were "crimped
Did carbuilders offer two different style of construction?
told me that early purchasers such as the SP received
the "shiplap"
Certainly the SP cars of this general design before WW II
shiplap seams (the Bethlehem batch of Class B-50-18 may be an
exception), but some post-war SP 40-foot cars had crimped seams;
ones immediately after the war seem to be shiplap. There are a lot
SP box car photos in some book, somewhere <g>.

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