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In regard to meat, IIRC, it is aged at 57 degrees F for 30 days o4 57
degress F for 30 days. If meat is not hanged, it is tough (Bully
Beef). The mountain men ate the "lights" (liver and kidney)and the
back strap. The CA Missions shipped hides and tallow. Most of the
rest was wasted. So the time in RY transit is aging time. The
photos show sides hanging from overhead racks. Hardr work!
Lindsay Smith

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are far superior in produce freshness and quality than the

Something to do with vine ripened and non-hybrid or something
As to meat being a perishable item. I seem to remember that
beef was
aged at a relative high temperature (40 degrees??) so a long time
in a iced
reefer wouldn't be a problem. Does anyone remember the time, 30

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