Re: Perishable LCL?

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" As to meat being a perishable item. I seem to remember that
beef was
aged at a relative high temperature (40 degrees??) so a long time
in a iced
reefer wouldn't be a problem."

Jon, you are way off here, now it is true that beef is aged
in several different ways to get a great steak, but it is not in
a meat refrigerator car!
Some of the hottest stuff we ever handled in the Chicago
Terminal was cars of swinging beef carcasses destine for eastern
trunk lines like the NKP, NYC, B&O, etc. The midwestern roads
and the Chicago belt lines had schedules, cut off times, and
crews and locomotives waiting for the cars to arrive in Chicago.
The beef halfs were very sensitive to shrinkage and weight loss
in the car, and nobody wanted the damage claims from this. The
intermediate carriers,IHB,BRC,and the B&OCT, had to make the
eastern roads outbound schedules to avoid having the car for
an extra day in Chicago. This stuff was way hotter than
vegetables. In railroad terms it was a "SEE NO FAILURE TOO

Regards, Jerry Stewart

Woodstock, Illinois

"It's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas,
half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing
sunglasses------Hit it!

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