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LCL was a RR's service not a shipper's service. So unless meat was
delivered to the RR's freight house and the RR loaded it into a car
it would not be LCL. There was a service where a shipper shipped a
carload and had it stop and unload part of it. In This service the
shipper paid the freight to the final destination and then paid a
flat fee to stop the car to unload part of it. You had a right to
make two stops.

More from the 1950 Freight Traffic Red Book...

"As peddler-car service is really the granting of a less-than-carload
service on carload freight, it can be accorded only when definitely
provided for in the publications of the carriers. The items which
will be granted such service are shown in the tariffs of the
individual railroads, with the rules and regulations under which the
service will be accorded. The carriers also publish the points at
which peddler-car service will be allowed, the minimum weight, and the
mixtures which will be permitted in the car. The provisions vary

Most of the ICC cases referenced regarding rates and peddler-car
practices are from the 'teens, some from the 20's and 30' put
things in perspective, relative to railroad operation of the time.

Section 6 of the Perishable Protective Tariff 13 deals with special
rules and charges on perishable freight in less than carloads. I have
scanned this section of the 1944 Tariff, and will post to the file
section for those interested.

It discusses "Scheduled Refrigerator Car Service" and "Box Car
Service" as options a carrier could offer. It also touches on "Meat
Peddler Cars"

John Hile
Blacksburg, VA

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