Re: Hills Brothers Coffee Car - 3M

Richard Hendrickson

Garth Groff wrote:

As for the 3M boxcars, they were for real, though for what I'm not sure.
I have a picture in my collection of a whole flock of them off their
trucks in the 1950s. I never noticed the roof hatches before.
and Ed Workman replied:

3M had an operation near COrona, CA. The ATSF Elsinore branch from Porphyry
on the 3rd District had clay mines and plants which fired it into bricks and
drain pipes and??????
Some of the 3M box cars were used to transport diatomacious earth from
Corona to some place in Minnesota or Michigan. Others were stenciled to be
returned to Copley, Ohio when empty. They were a common sight on the Santa
Fe's Los Angeles Division en route to and from Corona in the 1940s and
early 1950s. I have a couple of photos of them. The roof "hatches" were
actually just small round affairs; apparently the cars were loaded through
pipes inserted in these openings.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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