Re: Q about color of EJ&E 1940 twin hopper

Ed Hawkins

On Feb 15, 2008, at 4:09 PM, Scott Pitzer wrote:

This COR-TEN steel offset hopper built in 1940 would have been black
with white lettering in service, right? I shouldn't pontificate to the
site owner that it's "only a temporary builder photo paint scheme"
without checking with real experts.

Scott Pitzer
ACF built identical cars for EJ&E in 1940 numbered 40200-40799. All
cars built at the same time were likely painted the same regardless of
the builder. The ACF bill of materials specifies the cars were coated
with Scully Black Graphite (outside of sides, ends, and bottom).
Stencils were white. The BOM had a paint sample, which was a textured
finish much like very fine emery paper. The color was not pure black,
but rather a very dark gray.

Incidentally, the web site link states these cars were built to the
1935 AAR Alternate Standard design. Not true. These cars were 34'-9"
inside length (not 33' as required by the AAR Standard designs), and
the sides were of a different arrangement than used on AAR Alternate
Standard hopper cars.
Ed Hawkins

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