Re: Perishable LCL?

Schuyler Larrabee

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From Larry Jackman

One thing to note. The closer you are to grower the poorer your
[produce will be. When you ship some thing across the country and pay
the freight rates charged you want to get the best price you can. You
ship your very best and get top dollar and that leaves the not so
good for the locals.
You do not believe me???? Go to the east cost and buy your California
produce. You have never seen anything that good in California unless
the seller is a local and does not ship any thing.
Uh, no, Larry, not so.

I lived in San Francisco, Pacific Heights, and we had a small local grocery store with the most
exquisite fruits and vegetables. Here in Massachusetts, well, it just isn't the same, not at all.

One of my highlight memories of California was visiting a friend's family near Fresno, eating
strawberries directly from the plant. We were at the end of the field the pickers were working,
they were working toward us. Absolute perfection!


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