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Jim Ogden

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Did any customers unload gasoline from a team track or a siding as
needed it?

Did farm equipment run on gasoline?

Was tank car utilization greater during the winter when petroleum
couldn't be delivered by water?

Hi Ed,

Like most early tractors, Ford's 9N and its successor the (virutally
identical for modeling purposes) postwar 8N both had gasoline engines
( a newer model often had a lower number number in typcial Henry Ford
logic). They could be worked on by a shadetree mechanic more easily
than a diesel.

I'm fairly many farmers would go to a trackside fuel dealer (rather
than a team track) most Saturdays (often their only weekly trip into
town) to fill up gas cans to take back to the farm since the fuel
consumption on these tractors on a 40 acre farm was not that much and
you didn't plow every day. I'd get one of the Athearn model A Ford
trucks and have HO military style war surplus gas cans or 55 gallon
oil drums. Often the fuel dealer was the same outfit who sold seed
in the spring, supplies, new plow blades and even acted as brokers for
mules or new tractors. So I doubt the team track idea would be that
common, but a tiny unloading facility with tanks for diesel, gasoline,
and heating oil would not take up too much space on a layout.

Eventually most got their own fuel tanks on their farms and ordered
tax-exempt gasoline which had a dye added so the state could see if
anyone were putting this fuel in their automobiles. You could order
LP gas, gasoline, oil, or diesel from the same fuel dealer and have it
delivered just like in the big cities where people ordered heating oil
for an underground tank.

From what I understand, a lot of local grain co-ops after WWII would
order tank cars of LP gas and there would be a spike in LP gas (or
heating oil in the midwest) in winter. I am fairly certain the dye
fwas added to "refund" gasoline for farm equipment at the fuel dealer.

Jim "Mr. Green Jeans" Ogden
Fort Worth, Texas

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