Wheel reports


Where do you find these?

I would dearly love to find some for any Carolinas road for around 1934 or

Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC

I have recently been parsing a 1929-30 B&M Wheel Report, with the
conductor typically working in the Lowell, MA, area. Included are the
following tank cars, returning empty to the Massachusetts locations

GATX 37003 Beverly
GATX 37004 Beverly
GRCX 2905 Beverly
GRCX 2943 Beverly
GRCX 2744 Beverly
CYCX 9332 Chelsea
PTX 2798 Chelsea
SEPX 10166 Chelsea
SEPX 10215 Chelsea
SEPX 10199 Chelsea
CSRX 1274 E Braintree
CSRX 1312 E Braintree
CSRX 1270 E Braintree
GATX 25123 Everett
UTLX 1141 Everett
UTLX 3214 Everett
UTLX 90233 Everett
SHPX 9074 Fall River
PX 2484 Boston, Rutherford Ave
UTLX 38476 Boston, Rutherford Ave
MPLX 870 Portland
UTLX 7468 Portland
UTLX 12081 Portland
TWOX 1093 Revere
TWOX 1149 Revere
UTLX 16039 Revere
UTLX 16320 Revere
UTLX 77384 Revere
UTCX 1100 Stoneham
SDRX 13806 Tiverton RI

All of these locations have port facilities, and several still have
petroleum offloading facilities to this day. One can see some correlation
between car owner and location; it is obvious Gulf was shipping to a
facility in Beverly, while Cities Service offloaded in East Braintree.
Googling some of the combinations confirms the relationships. I suspect
there are some trade annuals, state government publications, or other such
references that one could go to to determine the capacities of the
installations, if one so desired the information.

Earl Tuson

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