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Most, but not all. It was the Army's goal to be 100% gasoline engines but they never got there. The notable exceptions were M10 Gun Motor Carriages ("tank destroyers", but to most people they are tanks), a portion of bulldozers and some other engineer equipment, and the M4A2 Sherman tanks used by Marines (powered by two GMC truck/bus engines).

Shermans used a number of engines: 9-cylinder radials, the twin diesels, a Ford V-8, five Chrysler straight sixes on a common frame, and the Caterpillar RD-1820 9-cylinder fuel-injected diesel. All were used stateside for training but only the gasoline radials and V-8 were used overseas by the Army.

And all of these were shipped by rail!


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From: Dennis Storzek
As far as I know, all the land based vehicles used by the US in WWII
were gasoline powered; jeeps were, I believe the classic "6x6" truck
was, and even Sherman tanks were powered by air cooled radial aircraft
style engines. The local owner of a Stearman trainer claims that his
replacement engine came with the mounting studs for mounting in a tank
installed in the block; they were exactly the same engine.

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