Re: Ventilated box car uses - preferrably C&O

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

Frank Valoczy wrote:
"I've been going through the spreadsheets uploaded to the group the
other day, of the conductor's book on the Southern in Virginia. I'm
about halfway through the 1948 list, and I've noticed some (to me)
unexpected ladings for ventilated cars.

So far I've found one C&O ventilated car listed, 86812, with a listed
cargo of "merchandise." I have no idea what that might be
specifically, but usually the cargo description is quite
specific. "Merchandise" as a cargo for ventilated cars isn't
uncommon - ACL 18023, CG 57478 and SAL 89870 are also listed with
the 'mdse' abbreviation (for 4 out of 6 ventilated cars listed with

Not C&O, but there are some surprising cargoes listed for ventilated
cars of other roads. L&N 98834 has "cement" listed, L&N 15731
has "machinery"."

Not unusual at all. The major attraction of these cars to the roads
who owned them was their versatility - when not used during the
produce harvest, they were definitely put to use as general service

"Not a ventilated car, but I was also very surprised to notice MDT
5659 with "merchandise," PFE 33196 with "magazines," and WFEX 66159
with "compound" - whatever that might be."

Again, not unusual at all. Tim Gilbert discussed all of this at
length when he first did the analysis on these particular
conductor's books. His posts are scattered through the list
archive, but they're worth going through the search results and

Ben Hom

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