Re: Tank Car Unloading was: oil for roads

Dennis Storzek

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Steve thanks for catching my typo on the car number. And yes the
analysis is
fun. Your comments are appreciated, esp to the fact the car has heater
coils. The truck may be a hot oil or hot tar truck, with propane
tanks for
heating. The tall verticle tank on the bumper looks to be the
propane tank.
And the small trailer looks to have its own engine for driving the pump
along with a fuel tank or possible water tank for producing steam?
It could
also have a heating element. The car does not appear to be located
where it
could be connected to a supply of steam for heating. Could that
trailer be a
source of heat/steam for heating the car?

Doug Harding
One thing's for certain, the guy is safety conscious. Note the old
soda-acid fire extinguisher standing on the ground just in front of
the air reservoir on the car :-)

If I recall, a lot of these road oil tank trucks were kerosene fired
years ago, same as roofer's tar kettles were. The vertical tank on the
truck could well be a kerosene tank.

I think the trailer is a portable steam generator. The circular object
on the near end is too large to be a pump for heavy oil; I think it's
a large squirrel cage blower that's ducted into the round chamber in
the center of the tank. A propane burner will work in ambient air
pressure, because the fuel itself is pressurized, but to get any heat
out of an oil burner (fuel oil or kerosene) you need a forced draft. I
would assume there is also a small oil pump on this rig to feed the
fuel oil through the burner jet. I doubt that it's high pressure
steam; it more likely circulates hot water, or steam at 3 – 5 psi like
a home heating boiler.


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