Re: SFRD Fan-Equipped Rr-30 RH Side Lettering

Richard Hendrickson

On Feb 21, 2008, at 3:41 PM, John Hile wrote:

I am looking for information that will help me determine how the Santa
Fe would have located the dimensional and weight data on the RH
(non-fan) side of the fan-equipped (37365-37389) Rr-30's. If it
matters, I plan to paint my model as an early '53 repaint with
yellow-orange hardware and Ship & Travel slogan.

I realize the fan-equipped Rr-30's were somewhat unusual in that both
fan drives were on the LH side of the car (like the fan-equipped USRA
rebuild Rr-27's) thus displacing both the dimensional and weight data
on that side. So, my question is, was there any pattern to how the
dimensional and weight data were applied to the other (RH) side of the
cars? Were they typically in their "normal" non-fan locations?

I have a picture of the RH side of a fan-equipped Rr-27 in 1940 paint
showing the weight data in the "normal" location, yet the dimensional
data is shifted mid-car similar to the fan-side of the car.
John, by early 1953 the mechanical fans originally fitted to SFRD
37365-37389 had been replaced with electric fans, and other cars in the
Rr-30 class had also received electric fans. I have a photo of SFRD
37315 with electric fans installed (and black-painted side hardware)
which I could scan for you if it would be useful.

Richard Hendrickson

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