Re: SFRD Fan-Equipped Rr-30 RH Side Lettering

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John, by early 1953 the mechanical fans originally fitted to SFRD
37365-37389 had been replaced with electric fans, and other cars in the
Rr-30 class had also received electric fans. I have a photo of SFRD
37315 with electric fans installed (and black-painted side hardware)
which I could scan for you if it would be useful.
Interesting. I had been working from info in the Jan. 1953 ORER that
listed 37365-37389 as the only fan equipped Rr-30's. Do you have any
info letting me know the time period over which the conversion to
electric fans took place? The point being, I would like to include
both a mechanical fan Rr-30 and a yellow-orange hardware Rr-30 on my
roster if it is appropriate for my modeling window of mid '52 to mid '53.

The SFMO Reefer Book (p. 215) has a photo of 37374 with what appear to
be the original mechanical fans, and a shop date of 4/50. I'm
wondering if a car such as this could have kept its mech. fans into
the second half of '52.

Sounds, however, like a car being shopped in early '53 and receiving
the yellow-orange hardware scheme would also receive the electric fans
at that time...if it had not received them already?

I appreciate the offer for the scan of 37315, but I may already have
the published version, if it is the Chet McCoid/Bob's RH-side shot in
1957. Since 37315 has a blk hardware scheme and electric fans, is it
appropriate to assume electric fan installations to previous non-fan
cars occurred as early as '47? Or, merely that the conversions could
occur without repainting the car?

Thanks in Advance,

John Hile
Blacksburg, VA

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