Re: Renting of freight cars to the Yakima Valley Transportation Co.

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Thank you very much for the notes on the Pennsy cars. If anyone else
has notes on any of the cars it is appreciated.

Richard Wilkens

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I did a quick analysis on Richard Wilkens' spreadsheet and uploaded
updated copy to the group Files section. The PRR cars are broken
on the second sheet, with links to Rob Schoenberg's online
diagrams to illustrate these cars. I also did some minor
formatting to
make the spreadsheets print out more neatly.

Some overall notes:
- To reflect the organization of the Pennsy system at the time, I
out the cars between PRR and Lines West. (The ORERs of the period
separate listings for both.)
- Unless otherwise noted, PRR "Lines East" cars belonged to PRR.
The "Lines East" listings showed which predecessor road owned the
Lines West did not make that distinction. Ownership initials were
stenciled on cars painted in NK3 at the lower left corner of the
side below the car class and built date. This practice continued
the 1960s; ownership initials can be found to the right of the car
class for cars painted in CK and later paint schemes.)
- As expected, Class XL boxcars made up the largest single group of
cars; however, there were a few surprises, including Class XG and
truss rod boxcars that survived WWI, a Class X25 express boxcar,
and a
new Class X26 USRA single sheathed boxcar.

Ben Hom

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