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Posted by: "Anthony Thompson" Jon, you are right that some aspects of the Thomas cars are crude--grab irons, underframe details--but the TANKS and the DOMES are quite good proportions. I have re-detailed several of them as a result, because there is no straightforward alternative. $40+ for one!!

Thnks for that info. I'm still running gone of those cars that I built in 1951. Nice to hear the proportions are ok. The details may have been crude, but the material was very prototypical - all metal.

That reminds me of another oldie of which I run several - the Varney steel box cars and reefers. I've wanted to resurrect a few more, but the plastic roof walks are warped upward at the ends and look pretty bad. Can anyone tell me what is a good replacement. The problem with some possibilities of new parts is thatthey might look so good that the crudenes of the rest of the car becomes too obvious.

Now to find time to finish my eight Silver Streak cars - real wood !!

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