Re: NYC Lot 700B from P2K 50 boxcars

Jeff English

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Lot 700B boxcar 176613.
I haven't been able yet to
locate a picture of one of these cars.
Photos have been offered by:
Howard Ameling - 177063
Bob's Photo - 176920, 176906
W.C. Whittaker - 177270 (published in RMJ 4/98, p.32), 177287

Wayner's "New York Central Cars", p.38 has a company photo of 176893
which was also printed in the "NYC Headlight" Vol.6 No.1, p.19

All of the above are repaints. I have not seen a photo of an as-
built paint job on a car in this Lot.

are these cars accurate as far as ends and roof.
I know DSI used Despatch ends and roofs
in the post war era, however, I am not certain about immediately

Definitely no Despatch stampings before circa 1954.

Should this lot have 5/5 ends and a Murphy roof.

How often did the NYC repaint cars?
Whenever justified.

Would it be likely to see a car in the
original paint scheme 16 years later in 1957?
My guess is: highly unlikely.

Hope this helps -

Jeff English
Troy, New York

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