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Storey Lindsay


I have almost two hundred of the Train-Miniature kits I purchased back in the '70s, most still in their original boxes. I'd be happy to provide you with kit numbers, paint schemes, car numbers,etc., from what I have if you will let me know (off-list).

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Storey Lindsay
Celje, Slovenia

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From: John Nehrich
Sent: Friday, February 23, 2001 20:01
Subject: [STMFC] Train-Miniature guide

I've been focusing my attention on current kits
, but the recent discussion about the Hills Bros. Train-Miniature box car
made me realize that there is a need to post information about each of these
variations. Some people have the cars, and this might influence what they
do with them, plus they show up in train shows. And as the discussion about
the Mobilgas tank car scheme used by Mantua, the existance of these schemes
on kits no longer in production lingers on, including any inaccuracies. So
to start with, I'm going to be looking for kit numbers and information about
schemes. I do have all the old magazines where these are advertised, but
any kit you bring to our attention will get priority.
- John

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