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An article in the April 25, 1942 Railway Age features "the
new 'Phoebe Snow' paint scheme" being applied to box cars being
delivered that month, so it dates to at least then.

After the elimination of billboard advertising on railcars in general and
reefers in particular in 1937 -- a series of rules that among many other things
forbid lettering larger than 12 inches on railcars -- it seems a bland era
of railcar lettering was born.

So lemme post a question to the list: Did any road come up with a
billboard-like or bold paint scheme before the DL&W in 1942?

The Santa Fe map schemes come to mind -- earlier than 1942?

Curious. I've been gathering data on the Phoebe billboards and Lackawanna
marketing and would like to add some context, a comparison to the rest of the

Thanks in advance,

Mike Del Vecchio

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