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would wooden end cars have still been around in the 50's ?

I have the following ACF Type III wood reefers with wood ends as still
around in the early 50's. This info is from photos in an Ed Hawkins
article, May 2000 issue of Railmodel Journal. This article discusses
the Branchline kits for these cars, and I must add that I do not know
how accurately the Silver Streak cars represent the ACF cars...merely
supplying info on wood-end reefers still around in the 1950's.

Photo of URTX 7578 (series 7000-7699) with MILW herald circa 1951.
See also Branchline model 1213.

Photos of NWX 5106 (4000-5499) in 1956, NWX 15412 in 1953 and 15344 in
1968 (15000-15499). All three of these cars are in the yellow and
green scheme.

Photo of URTX 1560 (1500-1699) in 1948 with NKP markings. See also
Branchline model 1214. Jan '53 ORER lists 54 cars remaining in this
series at that time.

Photo of WRX 9405 (9000-9499) in 1964 with GBW logo to right of doors,
sans-serif lettering. See also Branchline model 9009.

Hope this is helpful,

John Hile
Blacksburg, VA

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