Re: Modeling possibilities?

rwitt_2000 <rmwitt@...>

Frank Valoczy wrote:

I have some photos of four cars I'd like to model, but am not familiar
enough with what's available in model form to decide what to use as a
basis for models of these cars.

The cars in question are:

CSS&SB 1266 (13 panel steel gon),
There are two photo on Elwood's Fallen Flags site: Nos. 1233 and 1258

The later one, #1258, looks like a USRA WWI 70-ton mill gon still with
its drop-ends while the former, #1233, could be a USRA mill gon, but the
end is now fixed and the sides look like replacement ones as the side
stakes appear to be different than a those on the original car.

Again the Westerfield kit or possibly the Walthers model is a place to
start. One would have to see the photo of #1266 to make a final
recommendation as it appears than these cars are second-hand and each
may have unique features.

Bob Witt

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