Hutchins Ends (Was: Re: Re: Modeling possibilities?)


late Hutchins ends with height extension (square corner with no indent)
I've seen conflicting commentary on which is the early Hutchins end and
which is the late one. I know on the Westerfield site the square-cornered
ribs are referred to as the late style, and the tapered-corner ribs are
referred to as the early style.

This puzzles me, though, as the square-cornered ends seem to be found on
cars earlier than the later ones - examples being the P&N's 10000-series
with 3-panel square-corner ends (first ORER listing I've seen was 1915),
and PM cars with 3-panel ends as well (I'm not at home so don't have my PM
book at hand to check, but will do so when I go home); I've seen such
3-panel ends elsewhere, too - I can't remember which roads, though,
perhaps CNJ? The tapered corners don't seem to appear until later than
that - in the 20s. I suspect there might be some overlap in when they were
produced, too: Westerfield lists the Southern SU cars as first having the
tapered ends, from 1922; P&N's 1100-series DS cars have build dates of
1923 and have the square corner. And, P&N's 24000 series auto boxcars (the
ones that went to the AC&Y) were built in 1925 (a photo of 24099 has a
build date of 7-25) and have the tapered corners.

I would suggest, then, that the earlier end is in fact the square-corner
variety, unless someone has documented evidence otherwise? I've only seen
three-panel Hutchins ends with square-corner ribs, and those are all on
very low IH cars (some less than 9') - which I'd think is certainly an
indication of being older, than taller IH cars.

Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC

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