Re: SFRD Fan-Equipped Rr-30 RH Side Lettering

Richard Hendrickson

On Feb 22, 2008, at 6:29 AM, John Hile wrote:

Interesting. I had been working from info in the Jan. 1953 ORER that
listed 37365-37389 as the only fan equipped Rr-30's. Do you have any
info letting me know the time period over which the conversion to
electric fans took place? The point being, I would like to include
both a mechanical fan Rr-30 and a yellow-orange hardware Rr-30 on my
roster if it is appropriate for my modeling window of mid '52 to mid

The SFMO Reefer Book (p. 215) has a photo of 37374 with what appear to
be the original mechanical fans, and a shop date of 4/50. I'm
wondering if a car such as this could have kept its mech. fans into
the second half of '52.

Sounds, however, like a car being shopped in early '53 and receiving
the yellow-orange hardware scheme would also receive the electric fans
at that time...if it had not received them already?
Sorry to be slow in responding, John. I've been working against a
self-imposed deadline to get revisions finished for my presentation at
the Sunshine seminar in Pleasanton, CA on March 5.Now that the film is
on the way to the processors (yes, I haven't gone digital yet and I'm
still shooting slide film), I've had some time to do a little research
and I think I have the answer to your questions.
I have a Santa Fe Freight Car Folio page for the Rr-30 class,
originally dated 6/40, with revisions dated 11/43 and 12/60. It shows
series 37365-37389 as being equipped with mechanical fans - these are
the cars that got mechanical fans when built new in 1940 - and
37290-37364 as being equipped with electrical bulkhead fans. I assume
that 11/43 was the date when the information about the electrical fans
was added. So apparently all cars had fans during the period you
model, but the higher numbered cars in the class kept their mechanical
fans. Hope this helps.

Richard Hendrickson

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