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Gene Green <bierglaeser@...>

Detail Associates BW 6401 is the Equipco 3750 hand brake and it
includes the most common version of the E-369 hand wheel. Kadee's
Equipco hand wheel is also an E-369 but better detail in my opinion.

Gene Green

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I'm starting a CGW brass caboose and find that I need some parts,
maybe some one on the
list can help.
I'm looking for:
Equipco hand brake 3750
E-369 hand wheel
US gypsum running board
caboose ladders made with angle iron uprights and round rungs
grab iron brackets like kadee has on their PS box cars This is a
hat shaped strap riveted to
the car, and the grab iron riveted to it.
any help will be appreciated.
Ron Christensen

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