Re: Looking for parts

Peter Ness

I'll be interested to see how this plays out. Intermountain is
distributing the release of the NE-5's and at Springfield a delay was
announced due to breakage issues where the tops of the ladders at
roofline join the main part of the ladder/rung assembly. The
McGinnis-painted NE-5's produced by IM for NHRHTA sale were delivered
to the NHRHTA table at Springfield then later once the defect was
discovered collected by IM for repair/re-work and will not be
available until March at the earliest.

I wrote to IM over the weekend inquiring about parts as I own three
of the old Car Shops brass NE-5 kits that I would like to place on
the new underbody as well as apply the finely detailed ends and
ladders as an upgrade. I also have a Branford Hobbies resin NE-5
body (or two) sitting incorrectly on Atlas NE-6 underframes and ends
that I would like to fix as far, no response from IM about
parts...I'm not holding my breath.


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I take it that you are talking about the NE5 design that they
shared with the New Haven, etc...
You are aware that DesPlaines Hobbies / Centralia Car Works is near
to releasing one in plastic in HO????

Charlie Vlk

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