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In answer to the question of what the tank cars transported, I spoke
with an armorer who dealt with Hercules Powder while at Western
Cartridge in St. Louis. Hercules would have been shipping components
for explosives. Hercules Powder maintained a plant near Godfrey,
Illinois where they produced dynamite and gunpowder.
For dynamite, both glycerin and nitro would ship by tank car to the
plant where they would be combined with inert earth. For gunpowder
and nitrocellulose (guncotton or cordite) sulphur cuold be shipped in
an aqueous solution. Given that the Hercules cars were equipped with
steam lines, glycerin would certainly by a cargo.

I hope this helps.

John Carty

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Hello All,

I've gathered the following info on Hercules Powder Co (HPCX) 8000g,
type 21 tanks with the hope of modeling a couple circa 1952-53 using
the factory decorated Proto 2000 kits. As I understand it, these
are former Paper Makers Chem Co (PMCX) which received new reporting
marks but kept their orig numbers when Hercules acquired PMC.
is, I have some conflicting and incomplete info...

Proto 2000 HCPX car numbers I am aware of: 705, 706, 708, 714, 718

Car 705: Type 21? Listed in 1/53 ORER, capy 8036g.

Cars 706-711: Type 21? 706, 708, 711 listed in 1/53 ORER, capy
Oct 1997 RMJ article, however, says 706-711 are type 27, and ORER
capy matches that of other known type 27 cars.

Car 714: Type 21? No longer listed in 1/53 ORER, listed 1/45 ORER
with 8000g capy.

Car 718: PMCX 718 bldr photo, RMJ Feb 1998. Listed 1/53 ORER, capy

Am hoping someone on the list can shed some light, or contribute
data to the cause.


John Hile
Blacksburg, VA

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