Wabash Gondolas

Justin Kahn

That reminds me that Richard sent me several very helpful views of the 65' gondolas to aid me in lettering my ancient Lobaugh with either Champ decals or CDS transfers or some combination of them. Perhaps I'll get to it after spring thaw...
Jace Kahn, General Manager
Ceres and Canisteo RR Co.

I wanted to add a Wabash 65' mill gon to the layout. I planned to use
decals and repaint one I picked up cheap. Now I see athearn has done
Wabash scheme as well. Do the Wabash experts know if there are
problems with
the Wabash factory paint on the athearn car? I don't mind painting and
decaling but one less project would be nice.
Brian, I haven't seen one of these models yet, so it would be good to
get an evaluation by a Wabash maven like Chet French who has actually
had an opportunity to compare the model with the prototype data.
However, when the 65' gons were under development, I sent several
photos of the Wabash cars to Craig Walker, their R&D guy, and he
generally does a fine job with paint and lettering if he has good
information to work from. The problem at Athearn isn't their R&D
department, it's the sales department that insists on putting bogus P/L
schemes on models (e.g., in the case of the 65' mill gons, NKP, MP, and
NP) when there were correct prototypes like the Wabash cars that could
have been modeled. Now that they've done the Wabash car, I may have to
get one, even though I probably already have too many 65' mill gons and
will have to rotate them on my diorama.

Richard Hendrickson

3b. Re: Wabash 65' mill gons


The Athearn Wabash car looks good. The only thing they missed, after
looking at Richard's photos and Gary's paint diagram, was the paint
data oval, which should be on the fourth panel from the right edge of
the side. Athearn numbered their cars 12017 and 12033, which fall in
the 12000 - 12049 group built in 12-1941 by Decatur shop. I also have
Ted Culotta's decals for lettering this car, but still have not found
an undec car.

Chet French
Dixon, IL
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