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My guess - based on the origin of the cars and Hercules' business in printing and paper chemicals - is that they were hauling paper-making chemicals.

Think about it: If they acquired a company that used and owned tank cars, wouldn't it be logical for them to continue those tank cars in the same service?

With respect to nitroglycerin, I can assure you from my time working with nitroglycerin at Hercules' Magna Utah explosives plant that it would be impossible to transport nitrogylcerin in a conventional tank car. I suspect you'll find that it was also illegal.


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Hello All,

I've gathered the following info on Hercules Powder Co (HPCX) 8000g,
type 21 tanks with the hope of modeling a couple circa 1952-53 using
the factory decorated Proto 2000 kits. As I understand it, these
are former Paper Makers Chem Co (PMCX) which received new reporting
marks but kept their orig numbers when Hercules acquired PMC.

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