Re: Modeling possibilities?

Bruce Smith

On Feb 28, 2008, at 11:07 AM, J. W. wrote:

Hi Steam Era Friends,

On a similar subject regarding gons, why is it that
the feature distinguishing steam-era freight cars from
modern era seems to be the long vertical brake wheel
shafting as opposed to the short horizontal brake
wheel shaft seen on modern freight cars?
The practice of building cars with vertical wheel (horizontal shaft) power hand brakes began well before WWII. Thus, I'm not sure that your claim that this feature distinguishing "modern" from steam era freight cars is supportable unless you define the "modern era" as post 1930 or so <G>. That said, the NYC car featured in your link,
with an apparent build date of 1944, appears to be a bit of an anachronism, even when built!


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