Re: Modeling possibilities?

Carl J. Marsico <Carlmarsico@...>

For clarification, the "outdated" was in reference to newly manufactured cars (with exceptions, e.g. flatcars) vs. cars in service.

In response to the original "why is it that the feature distinguishing steam-era freight cars from modern era seems to be the long vertical brake wheel shafting as opposed to the short horizontal brake wheel shaft seen on modern freight cars?", I don't consider it a good "litmus test".


benjaminfrank_hom <> wrote:
Carl Marsico wrote:
"It depends when you make the cut-off from "steam" to "modern" If you
go by the definitions set by STMFC and MFCL, the cut-off is 1960, and
by that time, the "long vertical brake wheel shafting" was outdated."

Outdated, perhaps, but a sizable number of older cars still had this
arrangement into the 1960s. Additionally, "long vertical brake wheel
shafting" doesn't necessarily mean a lack of power hand brakes on a car
either, particularly for flat cars.

Ben Hom

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